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Orangery serving area? Be our guest

An elegant serving and storage area to serve guests in an orangery

An elegant serving and storage area to serve guests in an orangery

I’m thinking of my clients and their lovely orangery as the sun finally shows its face. It’s a perfect location to have people around – that wonderful indoor / outdoor space which creates a special ambience for drinks, a formal dinner or a cheerful chat, cool on summer evenings or cosy in winter.

The only problem they had was how to keep guests comfortably topped up with food and drink when the kitchen is a little further away. Constant trips to and fro make for distracted hosts and interrupted conversation.

The answer is this elegantly custom-built serving area, complete with storage for tableware, a drinks fridge and a serving area for a buffet or hot food. Open shelves at the ends could be used decoratively or for the most frequently-used items, but the rest are discreetly stored away, ready to be whisked out when it’s time to set the mood.

In my experience, people naturally tend to cluster around an area like this at a party (nothing to do with it being the bar, I’m sure!) The flow around a serving space is important, so we’ve kept the profile slim and the corners soft.

The fabulous orangery setting called for something more than an off the shelf item. Practical it may be, but it’s also on show and part of a room designed for entertainment and warm hospitality. Our clients liked the one-off carved design in the cupboard doors, making a subtle aesthetic statement without overdoing things.

A piece like this could be used in any dining or reception room to make entertaining more fun, and built to fit the space allowed perfectly. We’ve also created custom-built units for clients which double as room dividers, as well as freestanding sideboards offering oodles of handy storage.




Contemporary Georgian? No problem

Contemporary storage for a modern orangery - Bear Interiors, BathWorking with a lovely family locally I’m reminded that houses don’t come with instruction manuals. You have to live in a new space, get to know it and what you want from it to really know what you need.

This family’s beautiful home had a stable block which has been converted to include a master bedroom suite, with a newly-built orangery attached. The stately Georgian proportions mean the furnishings need a certain scale and impact, but with new additions, contemporary has to work alongside period. And the fact that it’s a real-life family home means its needs lots of storage including purpose built media space.

Not a solution your average furniture shop can come up with. Here’s where custom-made furnishings can pay off, and where the investment in interior design time is really worth while – not just a few sketches, but a slow evolution of ideas over weeks and months.

It’s worth spending the time living with an idea, exploring and improving ways to get the final delivery right, and that’s what happened with this family as they were getting to know their extended home afresh.

It’s nice when an idea is spot-on first time, but it rarely works that way. As a client, you have the right to take an idea away and live with it for a while before you come back with refinements that make it perfect – for you.

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Wardrobes and desk by Bear Interiors, Bath

Built-in wardrobe space and freestanding bureau desk for master bedroom

Custom made media unit by Bear Interiors, Bath

A freestanding media unit with concealed cable management