Multi-functional home

Multi-purpose thinking

A really small hall or landing is a challenge. They don’t create a welcoming feeling of space and light. In both period and modern homes, entrance space is often cramped (or, let’s be honest, it feels that way if it’s full to the rafters with boots, coats and piles of laundry).

Dare I say it, the original landing in this beautiful modern home almost erred the other way. It was simply vast. Airy, spacious and well-lit though it was, with a growing family and lots of visitors, the owners had other priorities. They commissioned Bear Interiors to carve out some more usable space from the whole, while still retaining the impression of size.

A multi-purpose landing, snug and guest room designed and built by Bear Interiors


Multiple needs call for clever, multi-purpose thinking. These concertina doors fold neatly away when just the family are home, while the soft carpeting demarcates a space for relaxing and TV watching. When visitors arrive, a whole wall is instantly created as the doors unfold, and a comfortable sofa bed is set up in the blink of an eye. Voila, an elegant guest room.

With a little interior design thought, this kind of solution could allow many rooms to be sub-divided when needed. With folding doors, living areas or larger bedrooms might become multi-functional too, perhaps adapting to accommodate a guest room, a home office, a study or hobby room, an exercise area, a dressing room or even an en suite bathroom.