About Bear Interiors

Bear Interiors offers beautiful, affordable, original furniture and interior design for your home. We’re happy to admit we’re interiors obsessed and can’t help sharing latest ideas, design solutions and things we love here on our blog and our website, www.bear-interiors.co.uk.

If you’re looking for custom-made furnishings or help with interior design, we want to help you feel confident and well-informed about your choices. Tips for choosing the right styles and pieces, inspirations from other customers and advice on the design process all help you to give designers like us the right brief, and that means you get the right result.

Our shop in Bath’s Bear Flat neighbourhood is the best place to see and feel examples of our British-built craftsmanship, and pick up a few irresistable homewares while you’re there!

We also design furniture for businesses, home offices, hotels and B&Bs. Please contact us for details.

The Bear Interiors shop at 20 Wellsway Bath BA2 2AA

Our shop at 20 Wellsway, Bath BA2 2AA

Bespoke storage desk by Bear Interiors, Bath

A unique extra-high desk with built-in storage designed for a 6’6″ customer

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